About Us

We call St. George's Elementary our "second" home.

St. George's Elementary is a wonderful, caring school where your child can learn and grow. It is located in the beautiful community of Conception Bay South and is within walking distance to many local sites and resources such as supermarkets, churches, swimming pool, Town Hall, War Memorial, sea shore, walking trail, senior care homes, farms & much more.

St. George's Elementary was built in the mid 1970's and is a one-level building hosting ~ 20 classrooms, music room, computer lab, sensory room, pervasive needs room, cafeteria, gym, large play field and outdoor jungle gym. Each classroom is equipped with interactive white boards and many forms of technology. Our teachers implement the "Literacy and Numeracy Block" form of instruction where play is an enormous part of the primary curriculum. This form of instruction focuses on the various ways children learn (physically, musically, linguistically, logistically, spatially, interpersonally, intrapersonally and naturally). Students are given a choice of multiple activities in the 'block structure', and they become active learners making decisions about their learning. We have been pioneers in this form of instruction in our area and continue to be a model for many other schools. We have learned that our students learn best when 'Play' is incorporated into all areas of the curriculum.

St. George's Elementary offers many co-curricular and extra curricular programs and experiences. Within many of these events student perform physically, musically, artistically, dramatically, oratorically and through dance. A few of these programs include:

1. Cross Country Running 2. Basketball 3. Monthly Assemblies 4. Seasonal Concerts 5. In-school Oratorical Competitions 6. P.A.L.S (Play And Learn Sessions) 7. Band (Grades 4- 6) 8. Senior Home visits 9. Kindergarten Celebration 10. Silly Squad Days 11. Charity Fund Raising 12. Special Community Visitors 13. Literacy/Numeracy Weeks 14. and many more.....

We have a vibrant volunteer program offering a free breakfast to our students every morning of the week. If you wish to become a volunteer you can contact the school. A hot lunch program is offered every day to all students (parents must register for this program at School Lunch website at https://schoollunch.ca/).

It is quite common to arrive at St. George's Elementary and be welcomed by a student holding the door for you to enter and to hear manners being used throughout the building. All staff members, including support staff, become involved in all school-wide activities.

Over the years, many memories, friendships and skills ( academically, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually) have been nurtured and developed in our students and they often return to visit and recall happy memories. Many of our alumni are now working in our community, in other parts of Canada and around the world.

St. George's Elementary is an "inclusive" school where everyone is treated with the utmost respect. We are wheelchair accessible and we avail of 'special transportation" for some of our physically challenged students. "When you're in Elementary.....St. George's is the place to be!!" Welcome to St. George's.