Welcome To St. George's Elementary School

St. George's Elementary serves over 300 students in a caring and loving environment. Our staff and students strive to create an atmosphere where ALL students are Respected, Loved and Accepted. So, Welcome home to St. George's Elementary!

Happening in October

  • October 27 - 28 School Closed (Teacher Inservice)

  • October 29: Pink Shirt Day

  • October 30: Halloween Celebration (PM ONLY)

  • November 16: School Closed (Teacher Inservice)

Halloween Celebration Guidelines

Bring costumes to school and time will be permitted after lunch to change into them. Parents are permitted to pick their child up at lunchtime and have them dress at home.

No aerosol sprays of any kind or scents as we have allergies in the building.

No toy swords/guns/or knives should be brought to school as a part of the costume props.

Bring along an individual small party snack (healthy) to enjoy as part of classroom activities.

Do Not send in full class sets of treats especially during this time with COVID restrictions in place. (ex: treat bags, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pencils/erasers, etc.).