Welcome To St. George's Elementary School

St. George's Elementary serves over 300 students in a caring and loving environment. Our staff and students strive to create an atmosphere where ALL students are Respected, Loved and Accepted. So, Welcome home to St. George's Elementary!

Important Dates To Remember

Proper Clothing

All students are encouraged to wear proper clothing for the weather conditions. Every day students will be expected to go outside for play times at recess and lunch. Mittens are preferred over gloves as these are easily put on and generally keep hands warmer.

Pizza Days

Pizza days are every Friday and begins on September 27. Pizza is 1.50 a slice. All orders MUST be submitted before 9:30 am each Friday.

Teacher Inservice

School will be closed on November 18 for a teacher's inservice

Report Cards Released

Student report cards will be released on November 26th. Please ensure you book an appointment with your child's teacher using the Optis system. The link for this booking software is located on the left of this page. Just click on the icon and follow the directions to register and set an appointment. Please note: Optis does not open until 12:00 pm November 26th.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Interviews will take place on November 28 from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Once again, schedule you appointment using the Optis system on this page. Please note: Optis opens at 12:00 pm November 26th.

Wear Pink Shirt

On November 29 students are asked to wear pink T-shirts (or pink clothing) as a symbol to demonstrate that St. George's School will not tolerate bullying and discrimination based on religion,race/ color, gender, lifestyle, age, disability, etc.