Welcome To St. George's Elementary School

St. George's Elementary serves over 300 students in a caring and loving environment. Our staff and students strive to create an atmosphere where ALL students are Respected, Loved and Accepted. So, Welcome home to St. George's Elementary!

Important Dates To Remember

Proper Clothing

All students are encouraged to wear proper clothing for the weather conditions. Every day students will be expected to go outside for play times at recess and lunch. Mittens are preferred over gloves as these are easily put on and generally keep hands warmer.

Welcome Back/School Opening 2019

January 7, 2019. We wish to welcome back all our students, teachers, support staff and parents to another New Year at St. George's Elementary. We would like to wish all families a Happy New Year.


January 18, 2019. We ask that all parents/guardians and 2019 KinderStart students attend today's session at 9:30 am. Both students and parents should bring a change of inside footwear for this event. There will be no regular classes for all our current Kindergarten Students.

Family Literacy Day

January 25th, 2019. Today and throughout this week all students will be involved in various special 'literacy' activities and games. Information regarding this event will be sent home at a later date.