Welcome To St. George's Elementary School 

St. George's Elementary  serves over 300 students in a caring and loving environment. Our staff and students  strive to create an atmosphere where  ALL  students are Respected, Loved and Accepted.  So, Welcome home to St. George's  Elementary!  


Picture Day is Thursday, October 5th

Please check out the parent/guardian bus portal for all the information on times and stops. 

2023-2024 Bus Routes for SGE

Courtesy Seat Applications

Please check out the School Lunch Association website for ordering. 

A friendly reminder that SGE is an allergy aware school. We have allergies at school for “peanut/nut/pistachios/cashews, eggs, fish including shellfish, legumes, lentils and scent-aware” school.

Please be mindful of the food you are bringing into the building and what it contains.  

Please take extra caution when driving on and around our school grounds. If you are dropping off or picking up your child at anytime, we do ask that you park in the DESIGNATED PARKING SPOTS ONLY. We are asking that you NOT park on crosswalks or in the traffic lanes.  We do appreciate your cooperation in keeping all of our students safe. 


2023-2024 School Year